Monday, October 09, 2006

The pros and cons of the technological age

The technological age is very important in our lives and it is always neccessary for all the people in the world.
We can find this technology around us all the time. For example, all the machines we use day by day ay home. By the computers we are Internet, where we can get all the informations we need about any subjet only press a button. Technology is present in spacials travels too. And I think that it is most important when it helps doctors work.
Advantages of technology: the best communication for the people though distances are far away. The celular phone because people can communicate by speaking, sending messages and they can take photographs too.
Disadvantages of technology are: people who use this technology frequently don't want to speak in a personal way. Children and young boys usually go to the cyber games to play with the computer and they want to stay there hours and hours so, they aren't at home.
Technology is very important for all the people but it most be used carefully.


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